In this fast-moving world, facing insurmountable technical and commercial challenges, we make research and development our top priority as one of our comprehensive services. With extensive network of technologies and skills, our R&D team are devoted to study technical LED solutions in order to keep quality, sustainability and efficiency of the creative display in various circumstances under strict monitoring. Besides creation and production, for each and every projects, we also pay attention on maintenance access to provide stable and reliable performance for clients at all time.




We are manufacturer and we directly support you

As the one-stop design house and manufacturer, we monitor and manage the process from scratch to finish, creative to production in one go, making the whole service more comprehensive and controllable, direct and easy for our clients.


Strong R&D support


We offer best price and quality

With the high standard production process and teams of creative and R&D experts, our production are with the highest cost-performance value. With high quality on our design and production, our rate card is still competitive among the industry. Even for the cutting edge and complex creative design, reasonable premium will be charge, but our team  guarantee that will worth every penny.


We are creative in LED display

Our team offer interior, exterior and transparent LED display creation, all with easy installation and maintenance.

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